The Roulette is a classic game where players would choose a number or a colour and let the wheel tell them if their decision is right or wrong. It has a relatively higher house edge compared to other casino games because only a few people get to win each round. A roulette table is composed of a wheel and the number table where colours and numbers are indicated. Players should place their colored chips to any of the spaces where they guess the ball in the wheel would stop.

You may not have noticed this but if you visit a casino, whether land or online, you will see that there are two major types of roulettes. There is the American and the European Roulette.

Where Are They The Same?

If you look closely at both the American and European roulette tables, you will see that both of them have a wheel and a collared table of numbers. The objective of each game is also to identify where the ball would stop when the wheel stops. Here are some of the betting options which players should choose from:

  • The value of the number
  • Odd
  • Even
  • Line bets

There are other betting options for the two types of roulette. Just make sure to read about all of them before starting to play this game.

Where Are They Different?

The American and European roulettes differ from each other in a number of aspects. Players should take note of these factors if they do not want to get confused and make the wrong decisions during the game. Here are some of the points where each type of roulette is unique:

  • The American roulette has an extra slot (00), which is also equivalent to 0. Because of this, the former type provides less winning chances than the latter one.
  • The European roulette has a lower house edge of 2.70% as compared to the other’s 5.26%. Because of the slight difference in the roulette wheel, the European type offers better stakes.
  • The two kinds of roulette have different number arrangements on the wheel. While this is just a minor detail, it is still worth pointing out.
  • The European roulette allows the “en prison” rule. This rule allows a player who placed a bet on even to spin the wheel again if the ball lands on “0”.
  • The American roulette allows the five number bet. This rule allows a player to place a bet on 3, 2, 1, 0, and 00 at the same time.


As you can see both the American and European roulette are actually quite different from each other in terms of betting options, house edge, and the number of numbers in the wheel. But because the American version has an extra slot and number, this makes winning a lot more difficult than on the European version. Still, if you are looking for highly exciting and engaging game, either of the two would be a good choice whether in a land or online casino.